I miss how I was able to love so hard 

and how not today?

How I fearlessly kept falling 

hoping you’ll give me a hand one day!

How those short moments made my day

even after knowing your realities? 

Why do I find these things 

so beautiful 

yet raising my heart beats?



Whom are you fooling? 

Whom do you think you’re fooling human kind? 

On one hand you talk about peace 

On the other hand you disrupts the peaceful environment? 

One day you talk about equality amongst all

Other day you’re the one discriminating

Whom do you think you’re fooling? 

Someday you’re the one distributing sweets 

Someday you are the one firing the bullets 

On one day you sing that national anthem 

On the other you’re backstabbing your own pledge 

Hey you stupid human kind, whom do you think you’re fooling? 

Whom do you think you’re influenced from? 

From, who has no humanity left? 

From, who only thinks about destruction? 

From, one who knows how to take you under his spell? 

Hey human kind, don’t you fool yourself! 

Open your eyes and feel your people around suffering from your karma!  

New Year! 

 Time flies so fast. But in all these time, I met so many new people, made numerous memories. I still talk to some of them and to some, I don’t. I’m glad that all you guys happened in my life and will keeping happening and that’s what is helping me grow and stay young regardless of how old I become with number of years. 

Good bye 2017!

Thank you for the amazing experience!❤️

Will I? 

Will I ever be a poetry in your mind?
Smiles, you hide behind
Tickling that you crave for
Jokes you made on

Will I ever become your sunshine?
Strength you look for
Power that you need more
Brightness, where your head bows

Will I ever be that soul you would like?
Where secrets feel to hide
Where no one disrupts your mind
Your solace, my voice.


It’s been years 

And my soul is still not in peace 

My parents haven’t smiled 

They’re still living in grief 

Yes, I made a bad decision  

I did not have any direction  

And I killed myself 

In anger and depression 

Now,  I’m still dying in frustration 

I still have more regrets

My grave haven’t turned frosty 

From the time I slept 

’cause my family and friends haven’t smiled 

 since the day I left. 

Can’t hate the one. 

I can’t hate the one I loved once 

All beautiful memories 

All sweet talks 

Truth or lie 

I was in love with them 

Fake or real 

I was in love with him 

I can’t hate the one I loved once 

He wasn’t right for me 

Or maybe I wasn’t right for him 

Everything was beautiful 

in it’s own place 

We loved 

Or maybe just me 


Sometimes I just need an escape 

From people and situations

From reality and delusions

From world and conditions.

Sometimes I just need an escape

To nature and birds

To seas and stars 

To woods and dark 

Sometimes I just need an escape. 

So that I could find me 

And sharpen my edges 

For the new discovery.