In Syrian War

Mommy, tell me where should I go?

Our house is destructed 

and I find peace no-more 

The buildings have turned into dust

The nights have turned into lightening bombs 

When it’s morning, I witness 

the faces are full of tears falling from the eyes 


Mommy, by the time it’s afternoon 

I don’t find any food 

I hide behind the rocks and blocks 

so no one finds me soon 

Slowly the night starts approaching 

and I don’t find our home

So I start walking towards 

your’s and dad’s tomb

After watching so much of hatred 

I need some love till the dawn  


The citizens of Syria are brutally killed and murdered and the whole world is busy ignoring the fact that they are humans too. So here, I’m writing on behalf of all those humans who are really praying for peace of Syria and the world. If anybody knows how an Indian can help Syria, please drop your message in the comment section below.


Ya Rehaman-O-Rahim, give them hidayah who have taken up their arms for the violence, help the people stuck in war by giving them strength and help them in maintaining peace in Syria and around the globe. Amen!



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