In Syrian War

Mommy, tell me where should I go?

Our house is destructed 

and I find peace no-more 

The buildings have turned into dust

The nights have turned into lightening bombs 

When it’s morning, I witness 

the faces are full of tears falling from the eyes 


Mommy, by the time it’s afternoon 

I don’t find any food 

I hide behind the rocks and blocks 

so no one finds me soon 

Slowly the night starts approaching 

and I don’t find our home

So I start walking towards 

your’s and dad’s tomb

After watching so much of hatred 

I need some love till the dawn  


The citizens of Syria are brutally killed and murdered and the whole world is busy ignoring the fact that they are humans too. So here, I’m writing on behalf of all those humans who are really praying for peace of Syria and the world. If anybody knows how an Indian can help Syria, please drop your message in the comment section below.


Ya Rehaman-O-Rahim, give them hidayah who have taken up their arms for the violence, help the people stuck in war by giving them strength and help them in maintaining peace in Syria and around the globe. Amen!




I miss how I was able to love so hard 

and how not today?

How I fearlessly kept falling 

hoping you’ll give me a hand one day!

How those short moments made my day

even after knowing your realities? 

Why do I find these things 

so beautiful 

yet raising my heart beats?



I thought a lot about forgetting you
A lot.

And I ended up asking myself

How can I forget the moments I lived?

How can I erase the words that were once told?

How can I ever unlove my love?

How should I weaken the trust?

What made you ask me this?

What were the things that made you end every little of us?

Would… you?

Would you write me in your poetry?
Would you describe my kiddish nature?
Would you ever be overwhelmed by my smartness?
Would you ever remember us walking down that Street?
Would you smile when I will cross your head?
Would you bother to think that I drank too much the other day?
Would you ever visit the same coffee shop just to look if i am hanging there?
Would you ever call my name to check if I am walking ahead?
Would you ever describe my name in your prayers?
Would you ever remember my cheeks with wrinkles forming some layers?
Would you say about me to your new girlfriend?
Or Would you mention me in stories when you’ll be a grandparent?


Sea is a perfect example of a woman.
Strong and yet calm.
Wild and yet beautiful.
She roars and sinks everything within
She is silent for letting you win
She has life, unheard
She has pain, endured
She lives a life of dignity
She is still called the impure
She is distanced from her beloved
She is the ocean of love, Unexplored

She is love you always crave for

Happy women’s day!

Best Friend

Best friend isn’t the one whom I told one of my secret or many
Best friend is the one whom I can rely on
That person is my best friend
Who is a good listener
Whom I can run to during cold

Best friend isn’t the one whom I talk the most
Best is the one whom I talk the least
And still manage to tell everything
Best friend is that person who is not close to me everyday
And still manages to outdistance the space

Best friend isn’t the one whom I had the most fun with
That person is best friend who silently watch me enjoying with others and still isn’t envy

Best friend isn’t the one who claims to know me
Best friend is the one who is trying to explore me silently and tries to turn me to the best of myself.


The day I met you

it was like a typical dream, I never had

Long walks and silly talks

The moment you lied

That finger you spied

Mimics you like

For no reason I had a fight

Your smiling eyes

there isn’t any disguise

Our shifting bond

Just on a taunt

Your sensational touch

turning me to fudge

The time we buss

are the moments i never want to flush