My Deaf World

This poem is inspired by a person who is not able to hear and speak.


They talk to me 

They also convey their emotions easily 

But when it comes to me 

I couldn’t do so 

I tried talking loud 

Still I never spoke 

I tried explaining hard, 

With all my efforts 

But they won’t understand 

What is unuttered 

They laughed, 

They abused me on my face. 

What to they think? 

I can’t read, if not say! 


I will love you in ways 

 you would never know 

I will love you hard 

But never show 

I will look at in your silence 

And feel you so

I shall listen to your moods

Make them, yo😉

I shall go down, low 

To make you feel high

Just to see butterflies rising 

In your tummy right from your eyes 

I shall want you 

And let you go 

I will see everything going rough 

But still not hurt you though 

I won’t ask you ever 

If you would do the same things alike 

I know this is something, you fright 

But don’t you worry, honey 

However the things may go 

I will be there for you every day and night